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More than 50% of all vendors sell with the second agent they work with.

Being able to accurate track and consistently contact these motivated people is crucial to exploding your market share.

Learn the 5 best questions to ask your competitors' vendors.

What is Homesearch?

  • A simple, data driven, complete estate agency platform ✅
  • Data on every home in your patch (including the addresses of what’s currently for sale and for rent)
  • Online lead generation tools ✅
  • The ability to filter, search and prospect for any home in the country ✅
  • Professionally written direct mail templates that convert letters into instructions ✅

Who is Homesearch for?

  • Agents who want a consistent stream of qualified enquiries.
  • Agents who want consistent recommendations and referral opportunities.
  • Agents who want to be market leaders and the local property authority.
  • Agents who want to spend a little time to save a lot.

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